Päron & Papilotter, Haute Papier

Örebro slott

The Haute Papier exhibition display Bea Szenfeld’s spectacular three-dimensional paper garments and Stina Wirsén’s cheerful world of images with watercolours and ink on paper. In the borderlands between art and fashion, the two artists meet in a mutual penchant for the analogue, for the work done by hand and for the material they both use, namely paper. They move freely within the borderlands of design and art and fling the doors open too new, more including ways of being creative. Päron och papiljotter is an interaktiv exhibition for children and their adults displaying original drawings, paintings, animated movie and sculptures to climb and play on. The exhibition focuses on Stina Wirséns children’s books where she has a unique but precise way to picture characters in that awakens both interest and recognition. Stina Wirsén is one of Swedens most well-known illustrators and together we created an environment for children to make up their own stories in.

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