Blazing colors at the florist, the smell of wood and metal by the smith making handcrafted axes and the whirring sound of needles over by the tattoo artist's chair. The exhibition Kraftverk – hantverk i en ny tid invited 10 different craftsmen to move in with temporary workshops to Sven-Harrys art museum and exhibit what modern Swedish craftsmanship looks like today and how the tradition is carried on. This exhibition was done in collaboration with Stockholms Hantverksförening who turned 175 years old and celebrated them and the craftmens historical significance. The visitor could both see, feel, smell, listen and taste the craftsmens different worlds during this exhibition which presented an ax smith, a tattoo artist, florists, tailors, a wallpaper craftsman, an illustrator, a paper artist, a mural painter, a shoemaker and a dollmaker.

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