We are a creative studio with a great passion for spaces and storytelling.
We design exhibitions, interiors and outdoor areas, from visions to fully realized projects.
Drottningholms slottsteater. Groundfloor Studio.
Göteborgs stad, Groundfloor studio.
Helsingborg Sweden, Groundfloor studio.
Hantverkarna, Hantverksföreningen, utställningen Kraftverk, Groundfloor studio.
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Groundfloor studio.
Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Groundfloor studio.
Fabege. Groundfloor studio.
Riksteatern, Groundfloor studio.
Stockholm Graphics, Groundfloor studio.
Stockholms stad, Groundfloor studio. Kulturfestivalen Stockholm.
Subtopia. Groundfloor studio.
Sven Harrys konstmuseum, utställningen Kraftverk, Pompe Hedengren, Bea Szenfeld, Erik Gullberg, Groundfloor studio
Örebro Slott, utställningen Aquanauts av Pompe Hedengren, Erik Gullberg. Groundfloor Studio.
Kalmar Slott, utställningen HÄXOR av Pompe Hedengren, Erik Gullberg och Cecilia Düringer från SR Historia. Groundfloor Studio.


Large-scale or smaller projects? With more than a decade of experience, we ensure a smooth creative process from start to finish. Whether sourcing furniture and design pieces or managing construction plans, we can bring your vision to life through our collaborations.


Extravagant or subtle? We create unique exhibitions and interior design that inspire and make an impact. We'll help you conceptualize, design, build, and set the space for truly extraordinary experiences. We know the details make the magic and it starts with your vision.


Wood or metal? The spaces we share are essential to our well-being. From restaurants and offices to outdoor environments. Through deep knowledge about materials, and sustainability, as well as collaborations with craftsmen and artists, we combine and create the right atmosphere.